• Star Jump

    Blast off!

  • Quasar

    Delta bravo tango

  • Skimmer

    Permission to land?

  • Shift

    Access denied!

  • Zap Pod

    Beep beep bop beeeep

  • Lost Larry


  • Sky Storm

    Bring it on buster!

  • Gizmo

    There's nothing I can't handle.

  • Boomer

    Roger roger.

  • Reco Bot

    Locking in on target.

  • Skid Mark

    Eat my dust!

  • Boom Dog

    Hear my sick subwoofer?

  • Crash Jack

    Didn't hurt!

  • Hot Rod

    Oi! Hands off!

  • Brakeless

    Yikes.No brakes, again!

  • Shox

    Let's hit the dirt!

  • Nitro Jo

    Filler up!

  • Dummy

    Why is the room spinning?

  • Speedok

    Put the pedal to the metal!

  • Chicane

    I'm the king of corners!

  • Ugg Ogg

    Ooga booga!

  • Mopper

    Shampoo?What's that?

  • Rexy


  • Snufflo

    Something smells!

  • Toppler

    Let me at 'em!

  • Ruckson

    Get a grip

  • Chomper

    Gimmesomethin' to bite!

  • Stomper

    Stomp stompstomp!

  • Drumble

    Me dinosaur hunter

  • Plonko

    Hop'n pop!


  • Botcho


  • Macho

    Let's get ready to rumble

  • Jumpy

    Jump jumpjump…

  • Paddle

    Let's make a splash!

  • Ollie

    I ride goofyfoot

  • Splosh

    I don't swim, I sink.

  • Zumo

    Where's my mawashi?

  • Axle

    I got this!

  • Luge

    Take me to a hill!

  • Chute

    My head's in the clouds!

  • Claw Tooth

    Winners arrrr grinners!

  • Kongo


  • Baxton

    What's the plan?

  • Chompion

    Comp chomp chomp…

  • Skreetch

    Swoopin' on down!

  • Ram Runt

    Raming's what I do.

  • Groar

    Let's do this thing!

  • Pounce

    I'm a pouncing machine!

  • Chargo


  • Sly

    It's all about timing.

  • D Jay

    D Jay's in da house!

  • Star Strum

    Let'srockn' roll!

  • Pop Skid

    Pump it up!

  • Joe Tempo

    3, 2 ,1, Let's hit it!

  • Neat Beat

    Count me in!

  • Hick Hop

    Yoyo, wassupdawg?

  • Billy Blues

    Don't gime no broken record

  • Stagedive

    Catch me if you can!

  • Synth

    Let's turn it up a notch

  • Dizibel